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If you’re tired of boring, vanilla porn, then you’ll be happy to know you can get a 67% off discount to Z-Filmz. This is where you’ll find a wide range of weird BDSM fetishes delivered flawlessly. There’s a ton of variety to be enjoyed here, so you’ll have something to satisfy your every sexual craving. The production values are impeccable, so you’ll never miss a single moment of the action. 

This site launched in 2021 and quickly became a fan favorite. There are 50+ videos in these archives as well as 1,400+ pics. Expect to see Shibari tying techniques, performance art, bondage, and a whole lot more. Z-Filmz Toy Wall, Anuskatzz Plan To Double Fist Lily Lu’s Sissyhole, Heavily Tattooed Teen Anal Stretching, Illuz Has A Strapon To Use On Anuskatzz, and Pet Play Dominatrix Controls Tattoo Cat-girl are just a few of the titles awaiting you. These are award-winning films and it’s easy to see why. Updates are delivered every week, so there’s always something new and exciting to look forward to. This is an incredible deal you don’t want to miss out on.

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If you’re tired of porn that features cookie-cutter blonde-haired blue-eyed babes, then you’re going to love what you find here. Right now viewers are able to save 73% with an Alt Erotic discount and enjoy high-quality hardcore content that focuses on edgy chicks that stand out in a crowd. There’s a ton of variety to be enjoyed when it comes to the action and the production values are top-notch.

There are more than 500+ videos in this collection as well as 900+ photo galleries. The scenes are full-length and shot in spectacular 4K Ultra HD which makes it easy to imagine you’re right there in the room with all the action happening. Updates are delivered multiple times every week, so there’s always a steady stream of fresh fapping material to look forward to. When it comes to the action, you’ll be treated to a wide range of kinky scenarios. Watch as chicks get fucked in a variety of ways while being pierced or even tattooed. These scenes are wild. You’ll have to act fast if you want to cash in on this offer though.

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I watch a lot of porn. Most sites feature wholesome-looking girls, but I’ve always preferred edgy chicks. That’s why I was so happy when I found out I could use this Inked POV discount for 63% off. This site launched in September 2022 and quickly became a fan favorite. The American chicks on this roster are hot as hell and clearly not afraid of a bit of pain in order to get what they want. You’ll get to watch as they perform all your favorite explicit sex acts and it’s all captured in a way that gives you the best views.

Kleio Valtien, Lexi Lore, Rocky Emerson, Brenna McKenna, and Vivian Fox are just a few of the irresistible seductresses you’ll get to see in action. These stunning starlets have a less-than-conventional appearance with sexy tattoos covering their bodies. Inked Threesome in Vegas, One More Time Before I Leave, Vivian Just Needed More, The Cumming Of Skye, and Indigo Visits Montreal are just a few of the videos you’ll have awaiting you. This isn’t the kind of deal you want to let pass you by.

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If you’re tired of porn that only features cookie-cutter blondes with blue eyes that look like sweet and innocent girls next door, then you’ll be happy to know you can use this Burning Angel discount for up to 76% off. This is where you’ll find sexy alternative vixens without any limits. 

This roster is packed with 300+ exhibitionist babes that stand out in a crowd. They have tattoos, piercings, wild hairstyles and colors, and of course, insatiable sex drives. You’ll get to enjoy them throughout 900+ high-quality movies as well as live shows. There’s a ton of variety when it comes to the action, so expect to see lots of sloppy blowjobs, anal action, and even wild threesomes. These wild girls don’t hold anything back. As a member, you’ll be able to download as much as you’d like since there aren’t any limits. If you check out the live shows, you’ll even be able to interact with these irresistible temptresses on a personal level. As if all that wasn’t enough, you’ll also find forums, chats, and blogs to keep you active.


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When I’m browsing through cam girls, sometimes I like to find those sweet and innocent babes that seem perfectly angelic until you talk them out of their shell-and their clothes. You know the types, the ones that giggle and all coy. Sometimes they say they are virgins, and maybe some are. But you always have that sinking suspicion it’s all an act. But if I’m being honest, you don’t really care anyway because you’re just going to jerk off to their tight ass and pussy and you could really care less how honest they are or not, you just appreciate they’re going to make you cum.

Then there are other times I come across a babe with a name like Red_demons666, and quickly realize this is not going to be one of those girls. This redhead delight doesn’t rely on fake acts like some of those other cam girls from Russia. She’s fully ready to let her dark side out to play and wants to experience naughty erotic chat with every horny bloke that joins her!

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One of the things I have noticed about emo girls or alt girls is that they have a bit of a facade they put up. The way they do their hair, dress, the very essence of their style is a bit off putting for the mainstream. That’s why when you find them willing to expose themselves and be vulnerable, it is so much more of a treat.

When you sign up to save 75% with a discount to Zishy, you will find a wide variety of real women who are willing to drop their facades and let go of their inhibitions. They show you their bare bodies, and in doing so, bare a bit of their souls. It’s very erotic to see these beautiful amateur babes strip down and allow their sensuality to shine through in a massive collection of high-resolution photos that leave very little, if anything, to the imagination. Join today to explore a massive, and growing, collection of stunning nudes that deliver beautiful vixens as they truly are.

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I’ve always been attracted to ladies that are a little different. Chicks that aren’t afraid to be themselves. They don’t fit the whole cookie-cutter norm, but rather let their differences be celebrated. Right now viewers can get Burning Angel for 76% off and enjoy spectacular content with the hottest alternative girls you’ve ever seen.

Members will find a wealth of content that can be browsed by Scenes, DVDs, Pornstars, and Pictures. Some of the titles are Cum on My Tattoo, Goth Teen Nymphos, Leather and Latex, My Killer Girlfriend, Double Teaming My Step Sister, Cindy Queen of Hell, and Cosplay Geeks. So you can tell there’s a wide variety of action on display here. There are more than 1,500+ videos in the library that are mostly all shot in Full HD. If pics are your thing, you’ll be happy to know there are over 3,000+ photo sets as well. You’ll easily be able to find content that will satisfy your every sexual craving. Lovers of ladies that stand out in a crowd will want to cash in on this deal while it still lasts.

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What’s so great about hooking up with petite girls? Oh yeah, the tight bodies and even tighter holes. I don’t know about you, but I enjoy fucking the tiniest legal pussy around. It just feels indescribably good to push inside only of those impossibly tight twats. The look on her face and the moans she makes are priceless. Busting a nut deep inside is the cherry on top for sure.

Hurry and check out this 34% off discount to ATK Petites. Not only is that a great price, but ATK Petites is legit. They only allow models who weigh in under 110 and 5’4″, usually between 18 and 23 yeard old. Oh, and ATK always features only the most visually stunning girls, so quality is never an issue for their members.

Having great content is always a plus, but it helps when you have a large quantity of it as well. ATK Petites currently boasts more than 7,000 scenes and over 2 million sexy pics, so you won’t ever do without. Click that link and sign up now to lock in this deal!


Tattoos and piercings aren’t as taboo as they used to be, and it’s even becoming commonplace in porn to see a girl with a full sleeve. But there is still something about the ladies at GodsGirls that sets them apart from the rest of the porn world. Maybe it’s their dyed hair or their boldness, but whatever it is, I can’t get enough of this alt-porn site and the girls within. 

With my membership, I have access to 6,000+ galleries totaling 500k+ photos of the confident, sensual, and seductive models there and zip files for easy downloads of those images, 775+ ladies with their bodies on display as artwork, and more than 267 videos that the models there have had made for my, and other members’ enjoyment. Their uniqueness and fearlessness are arousing alone. The images, softcore, and hardcore videos will send you over the edge and into the sea of orgasm. Grab your membership right away and snag this 51% off discount to GodsGirls.com and let the fun begin.

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Once I dated this girl back in college who was a bit on the wild side. I was just an innocent boy from the Midwest who had barely even held hands, but soon this vixen had me spanking her ass and calling her a cum slut. She was so fucking wicked. I couldn’t get through the day without my cock crammed down her slutty throat. She was this cute little thing with tatts and tight holes. I could never get enough of her.

When I found this site Purgatory X, it reminded me of her. I even Facebook stalked her a bit and might have jerked off to her pics. Purgatory X gives viewers the choice to embrace their more naughty side with some sinfully good hardcore porn, or their more innocent, sensual side. And right now new members can save 51% now with a discount to Purgatory X. This site is so fucking hot that you might not even care about the discount. But don’t be a twat. Click that link and save!

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Do you like girls who are a bit on the wild side? I can’t get enough of girls with tattoos, piercings, sexy hair colors, and that punk rock attitude. Momma used to tell me to stay away from those alternative girls in high school, but Momma was a prudish puritan bitch so I never listened to her lame ass anyway.

When I’m not balls-deep in one of those babes, I’m definitely jerking off to the girls on BurningAngel.com. Those naughty nymphos know just how to get me off. There are nearly 1,500 videos showing these rebellious vixens in action, taking big cocks in those tight little pussies over and over. Some of my favorites are Aaliyah Hadid, Arya Fae, Kira Noir, Riley Nixon, Sydnee Vicious, Carolina Cortez, and Holly Beth. I’d honestly kill to slide inside any of those sinful sluts.

Right now you can get Burning Angel for up to 86% off just by clicking on this link. That means you can spend less time counting cash and more time busting your load for these alt beauties.

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I know emo stands for emotional hardcore. I don’t know what emotions these chicks are feeling, but if horny is an emotion, it’s definitely that one. And they more than have the hardcore half of that phrase covered too!

Use this 34% off discount for Alt Erotic to see these nasty alt girls in action in sexy scenes that you have to see to believe! The quality here is phenomenal, you can see every bead of sweat on their flawlessly tattooed skin. And of course every drop of moisture on their eager little pussies as well!

You don’t want to miss the hundreds of hot videos that they currently have available. And since they update multiple times every week, you’re never going to catch up if you don’t jump on this offer now!

With mobile and tablet access included free, they have thought of every way possible to making this content available at your fingertips whenever and wherever you need it! Don’t miss out on this chance to feel satisfied like never before!

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I grew up in the punk rock era but completely missed out on it due to a very conservative upbringing so I know that is nothing about nostalgia for me. The fact that I have such an affinity to this and being true to oneself, being authentic as opposed to having a desire to follow the latest fashion and trends, to fit in, is something that is genuinely me.

I’m not sure about the emo shit though and I don’t mean the look of it, I’m fine with that. I mean what I understand it to stand for without having done any deliberate research (I just don’t care enough to be bothered).

The emotional side of it is too much for me and actually a turn off. It’s not that I lack empathy, I don’t think, it’s just that I have no craving for unnecessary feels. I prefer the old school goth.

Check out this special deal where you can get a Real Emo Exposed discount of up to 81% off and relish in the hotness that is naked alternative and punk rock chicks.



Is there anything more hardcore than a badass chick who is willing to give up all control and let her body be taken and fucked in any number of ways? Whether it be horny babes who want to completely submit, or hot control freaks who participate in hardcore femdom scenes, you’ll find so many fantasies play out covering a variety of fetishes and niches over 50 exclusive Kink channels and save up to 79% with this discount for Kink!

There are a whopping 10,000+ hours of videos to bring out your inner freak, with at least ten new updates every week! There are even more than two million high quality photos which allow you to truly savor all of the sexy action. There’s no boredom here, just a constantly growing fantasy land where you will find limits pushed and sexuality soaring to sexy new heights!

Whether you are new to the BDSM and fetish scene, or a seasoned sub or dom, there’s something here for everyone with varied levels of intensity. What are you waiting for? Everyone’s sexual imagination will get a hot boost when you sign up today!

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There are some hardcore videos here; not a lot, but these are amateurs pretty much managing themselves within a hot porn site, it seems. You’re going to find lots of tattoos and piercings, crazy hair colors which is awesome, in my opinion, and sexy nude bodies. Here’s where you can get your deal on this hot site: https://www.eroticporndiscounts.com/porn-discounts/gods-girls/.

What’s really cool about this site is that it seems to have a pretty active members forum area and you can talk to the girls there, too. Grabbing this deal is going to save you tons of cash too, 80% off full price, and you’ll score access to tons of different girls in all sexy shapes and sizes, interesting ink, poses, hardcore and softcore erotica.

There’s more than 6,000 photo galleries showing off half a million pictures, tons of videos, and updates are still coming in frequently every single day. You’ll be buried in hot alt-girl porn. Have a look around for yourself and grab this amazing deal on sexy alternative babes with tattoos and piercings!

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