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Kinky hot Emo selfies!

Have you ever noticed that Emo girls have a way with one another? When they go to the club or to a concert you will often see them holding hands. They cuddle and snuggle up on couches in public and when alone. Of course cuddling isn’t the only thing they do when they are alone. Who can blame them for not letting that fine Emo pussy go to waste?

More than any other subset of teenage girls, the Emo girls are more apt to snap selfies and post them online or send them to boys they know will post the pics online for them. It is like these girls don’t give a shit about their nude bodies making it onto the internet. That is precisely why I love them!

If your cock gets hard when you see Emo selfies I have a sweet ass proposition for you. Get this… how about you check out all of the Emo selfie pics you want for free and when you are done you also check out the insane videos these girls shoot of themselves going down on each other? Does this sound like a deal? I hope so, because if it doesn’t I have some gay blogs you might be interested in.

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She might be new to the Internet as far as solo model alt girls go, but Sydney Mai is in no way a newbie when it comes to watching porn. Sydney will tell you that she first got interested in porn when she caught her older brother looking at porn mags in the bathroom. She had no idea her dad was stashing them in there for her brother so he wouldn’t grow up gay. Yeah, her family was a little backwards.

These days Sydney is so addicted to touching herself she decided to make a website where she could post her videos. At SydneyMai.com you can find dozens of videos and get weekly updates. Members can watch her toying her pussy on her webcam for free.

Take the tour and see why this girl is right for anybody with a cock and a pulse!

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