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She’d been flirting for weeks and when she woke up her stepson for breakfast in the kitchen that she had prepared especially for him after his dad had left early for a business trip, she was going to get what she had been asking for.

That’s one of the more discreet scenes on this site. At least in this one the father wasn’t in the house but in many others it’s just a free for all. Everyone seems to just fuck fuck everyone else at will.

That’s perhaps a bit of an exaggeration but the scenes are a lot more casual, a lot more free at this site. They don’t focus on the total overplay that is the ‘behind someone’s back’ taboo thing here. Fucking a family member is taboo enough and I like that they realise that which has opened a ton of options for them that others just don’t approach.

So if you’re looking for something fresh in the massively popular yet massively similar everywhere else step porn genre then you’ll enjoy this site.

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