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In case this is your first time hearing about Fucking Machines, the premise is amateurs and pornstars getting absolutely wrecked by robotic sex-toy machines at speeds up to 350 RPM. With a site tagline of “Hot Girls, Fast Machines, Epic Orgasms,” you know you’re in for a wild ride when you click on our discount link.

I know I’ve been paranoid about the machines taking over human society for quite some time now, but perhaps they are only interested in making girls cum really hard? As long as I still get to fuck girls then I guess there’s no reason to panic just yet. Fucking Machines has over 1,000 of these toe-curling videos of machines with names like Annihilator, The Fucksall, Fuckzilla, The Goat Milker, The Octopussy, and the Tit Sucker putting these sluts through the proverbial ringer.

If you want a twist on niches like solo, BDSM, toys, and hardcore porn, then Fucking Machines is a site you simply must sign up for.


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